Mast Brackets and Supports


Sailmon standard mast supports:






















Use the Sailmon mast supports for a perfect integration of your Sailmon monitors on your mast. Made of genuine carbon fiber, the portrait supports are designed to mount MM104LP instruments on your mast. The dimensions of the mast bracket fit to a variety of different mast sizes and are flexible enought to perfectly integrate.


Technical Specifications


  • Massive carbon fiber contruction with 2.5mm material thickness
  • Perfect integration of the MM104LP
  • Precisely milled outline
  • Mast width range: 95mm to 125mm
  • Protection: UV resistant finish and sun protection persenning
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -10°C to 50°C, 14°F to 122°F

Mast Support for Portrait

  • Weight:
    • 1300g for 1 Monitor
    • 2300g for 2 Monitors
  • Dimensions:
    • 1 x Portrait (H x W x D) : 271mm x 200mm x 302mm
    • 2 x Portrait (H x W x D) : 524mm x 200mm x 302mm

Mast Support for Landscape

  • Weight:
    • 1350g for 2 Monitors
    • 2000g for 3 Monitors
    • 2700g for 4 Monitors
    • 3300g for 5 Monitors
    • 2 x Landscape (H x W x D) : 394mm x 270mm x 376mm
    • 3 x Landscape (H x W x D) : 581mm x 270mm x 376mm
    • 4 x Landscape (H x W x D) : 769mm x 270mm x 376mm
    • 5 x Landscape (H x W x D) : 957mm x 270mm x 376mm

For further details, including compatibility and installation, please look at the Sailmon manual.