3th July kickoff series: Part 1 – Preparations

Monday July 3rd
Monday July 3rd, 2017 is an important milestone for SAILMON. For the first time in SAILMON history, this day will mark the start of our active marketing and communication campaign. To date we have never done it, never undertook any active sales and communication, but from July 3rd onwards, we will start spreading the news and actively promote the SAILMON brand and products!

In blogs to follow, I will reveal sneak previews of the news to be officially revealed on July 3rd, 2017, step by step. In this Blog: preparations

Why not earlier?
One may wonder, why have we not been selling, communicating and promoting our brand and products seriously and actively? The simple answer is: we were not ready yet! Not in terms of staffing, not in terms of dealer network, not in terms of systems and not in terms of products. And in this business, it is a bit of the chicken and the egg dilemma. As an entrepreneur, I prefer to build sales and build costs accordingly. But in this business, that is quite a challenge, because if you start selling without having your ducks in a row, without having the proper resources to support the products, our dealers and end-user customers will not be happy. Consequently, the brand name will be damaged, and I believe this is no way to build a solid sustainable business, especially not in this marine leisure industry. So: costs first!

During the first quarter of this year, we have built up our staff to 15 now, including 4 Technical Support Engineers as we write. On top of this, SAILMON has come to an agreement with 2 highly qualified and very experienced profs (in the nautical technical products arena). They will start in September, since at this moment both of them are (very) active in the America’s Cup in Bermuda – and therefor not available for SAILMON until then. As from May, we also hired a very experienced Worldwide Sales Director, having worked for 8 years for one of our competitors – our most direct competitor at the moment in fact :). This news will officially be announced before mid June. So, with respect to staffing, we are OK and ready to sell products in serious volumes.

During the second half of 2017, we will actively build a worldwide dealer network of SAILMON Pro’s. Roughly, the top 20% best quality and highest volume dealers worldwide selling the more traditional brands of nautical equipment for (racing) sailboats. Before being able to sell, install, calibrate and support SAILMON products, these dealers will be trained by SAILMON and need to qualify themselves. In the higher segment of our market, the Superyachts, Grand Prix and performance (racing) sailboats, SAILMON will address the market exclusively through a professional dealer network.

As we write, most of the systems needed to professionally support our customers are in place. In the weeks to come these will be fine-tuned and the end of June we expect all systems to be up and running smoothly.

In my next Blog “Peter’s blog SAILMON #8” I will give you a sneak preview of (some of) the products and services that will be announced officially June 3rd.

Happy sailing!

Peter Houtzagers

Peter (1961), Bachelor Business Administration (Nyenrode) is a serial entrepreneur - and sailor too. As from 1989, Peter co-founded ventures like contactcenters 2Contact in Haarlem and Den Bosch, on-line food supplements shop Flinndal, Certain Credit Management, Space Payload Integrator AlphaSparks, Online Media Agency Fresh Toast, and nautical instrument solution provider Sailmon. Peter owns the Lemsteraak BS2.