Themis C&C 30

About This Project

Designed by Mark Mills the Themis C&C 30 is a high performance one-design that offers the thrill and technology of big-boat sailing in a size that is fun and easy to sail. The design brief had the goal to create a fast, stable, close-winded, easy-to-race, one design 30-footer that planes easily and will leave all other 30-foot performance keel boats in its wake. The C&C 30 achieves this through the use of a stiff, slippery-fast hull, a powerful sail plan and ultra high-tech construction and materials, with a deck layout that was inspired by the TP52 class, making it incredibly efficient. The C&C 30 is also an offshore thoroughbred able to withstand the rigors of offshore racing while still excelling.

Onboard Configuration:
-1x Model X portrait display on the mast
SAILMON Model E4 Processor

We talked with pro sailor Geoff Ewenson about his experiences with SAILMON on board the Themis C&C 30:
“I was very impressed straight away with the simplicity of the system it gives all the information that I have been used to with other systems but in a little bit of a more streamlined way and the simplicity of the user interface has been great.”

“I have not found there to be any drawbacks of using the processor and I think that the processor in conjunction with the displays and the user interface makes it better than other products that I have used on the user market.”