Brenta 80 SRD Makai Valletta

About This Project

The Italian designed and German built 23.99m Makai Brenta 80 SRD is a fast Cruising Yacht built out of Carbon (Hull, Deck and Rigg) with a lightweight interior. The Makai prioritises the ease of sailing and comfort, ensuring all onboard can enjoy every aspect of their time on board. To do this the Makai was built with the goal of keeping all systems understandable, removing all complexity. This was done through the use of a two-deck-level solution, which enhances the sense of safety, while still looking elegant. It also features a twin-wheel arrangement on the aft deck, which provides perfect visibility of the headsail luff. The deckhouse and cockpit design combine to create the ideal all around view of a flush deck from the comfort and safety in the cockpit. It also features an all-glass saloon in the superstructure, which provides incredible visibility on to the outside world.

Onboard configuration
– 2x SAILMON Model X display with portrait polarisation
– 1x SAILMON Model E4 Processor