Superyacht Anatta

About This Project

A full SAILMON system is recently fitted on the 200 ft Superyacht Anatta. During the last five years, this ship was already equipped with SAILMON displays. Now, the owner wanted to switch to a 100% SAILMON system due to problems with their B&G H3000 Processor. Since the SAILMON Model E4 Processor & Connectivity Unit can be plugged into every existing system, the original wiring system remained untouched.

Onboard Configuration:
SAILMON Model E4 Processor & Connectivity Unit
SAILMON Model X Displays (10’’ landscape displays)
SAILMON Model X (10’’ portrait displays)
SAILMON Sailvideobox

This complete system was fitted on the 66 metre mega-yacht. Anatta (previous Aglaia / Ahimsa) was built by Vitters Shipyard in the Netherlands in 2011, based on a design of Dubois Naval Architects.

We asked Captain Fabien Roché to share his thoughts with us: “The SAILMON Model E4 Processor & Connectivity Unit solved all of our many sailing instruments problems! We are seriously impressed.”