Sailmon’s pledge…

Sailmon 2.0

1) To make this world a better place

So, a lot has happened since December 2014! It took some time before I realised in full what unique position Sailmon now hold to seriously disrupt and significantly improve experience of the complete sailing community. And this is not limited to only the sailors. The audiences will be involved, too! We will bring the sport close to everyone, everywhere, on every device, everytime. This way, we envisage to make this world a (far) better one for everyone in the Sailing Community!

2) Sailmon’s pledge to the Sailing Community

In order to achieve this, we realised, we need to think different. Seriously different. We need to have everything in place, we need to perform all tasks necessary. We need the complete recipe (thank you Elon Musk!).

Most important, even more important than the technological disruption:

Sailmon’s pledge to the Sailing Community

Sailmon products and services deliver as promised. They work properly and are accurate. Sailmon stand for customer satisfaction. Sailmon is available for support. Whatever the reason. Sailmon never let a customer down. Never ever.

3) Stating the obvious? NO!!! Not in this market….

Our pledge might come across as stating the obvious. However, in the worldwide market for sailing instruments and marine equipment, unfortunately it is not. Especially not in the sailboat racing segment. Without being specific with respect to our competitors, we can fairly state that in general customers in the marine equipment markets, and especially in sailboat racing, are not very happy with the hardware, software and service(s) provided by the traditional manufacturers – one in particular 🙂

4) Consequences

This is how I believe it works:

a> Set your goals;
b> Quantify the price you need to pay to achieve these goals;
c> Pay that price in full.

So we will execute the whole plan. No compromises. No excuses. We will just do as promised.

We need to build resources first, in anticipation of accelerating sales. Our products should be really ready and full customer support must be in place, before we can accelerate.

This results in additional up front investments, which I have committed to. I am completely convinced of our plan and I am 100% confident sales will accelerate as soon as we start spreading the news actively as from July 1st onwards.

5) A final and most important ingredient in the recipe

Get the best people from within the industry. And so we have, the best people from within the industry have joined Sailmon!!! As I am writing, Sailmon has hired serious resources.

Amongst which, in total 5 Technical Support Engineers – one of them very well known and with a very impressive track record in the professional sailing world, especially in the America’s Cup as final technical responsible person.

Our development team now is 5 highly qualified software developers. Not only working on Model E4 software, but also on apps and cloud based solutions and software.

2 Salespeople, of which our International Sales Director has an extensive and very successful track record working as Sales Director for our main competitor….Sailmon will announce these recruits before the 1st of July, the date our latest software version for Model E4 will be announced, as well as the new Sailmon app and the Sailmon portal/cloud.

With Kim Coster returning from maternity leave on May 15th, our management team is complete – more details will be published on the website before July 1st.

Total team of Sailmon now is 14 crew….in my next blog #7, a bit more about the markets and how we will target them!

Peter Houtzagers

Peter (1961), Bachelor Business Administration (Nyenrode) is a serial entrepreneur - and sailor too. As from 1989, Peter co-founded ventures like contactcenters 2Contact in Haarlem and Den Bosch, on-line food supplements shop Flinndal, Certain Credit Management, Space Payload Integrator AlphaSparks, Online Media Agency Fresh Toast, and nautical instrument solution provider Sailmon. Peter owns the Lemsteraak BS2.